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Our Team at Kitchen and Bath on the Isle

Allen Duyn

(941) 488-2284

Allen Duyn is originally from New Jersey, where his grandparents settled after coming over from Holland. His family has a history of construction related business endeavors. While Al was attending the University of Wyoming, his parents moved to Florida, so he joined them after college. He began working in construction on Boca Grande as a carpenter and worked as a subcontractor for a time. He started his own business, Duyn Construction in 1978.

As a general contractor, Al originally did additions and remodeling, with many of the projects being kitchen and baths. He also built commercial buildings and custom homes. Al is a perfectionist, so he was the on-the- job worker for most of the projects. However, in the 1990s, large developments were popping up everywhere, and it was hard to compete with prices while providing the same quality of work as he demanded. Being a developer was never what Al had set out to be, so he eventually took the creativity that he was afforded as a custom builder, and channeled it into creating a division of Duyn Construction that specialized in designing custom kitchens and baths.

And so, Kitchen and Bath on the Isle was born in 2005 just before the economic downturn. It turned out that remodeling, particularly in kitchens and baths, was all that people did in the recession years. As a business, we were in the best possible position to ride out the recession and thrive in the recovery period. This specialty remodeling company provides a “One Stop Shop” kitchen and bath remodeling center that specifically meets the need of our clientele, most of whom are retired professionals or those in a similar market. Kitchen and Bath remodeling now represents about 98% of our business and we love it. The hands-on approach that Al began in our early years, and his owner invested mindset is what has led to our extremely high rate of customer satisfaction even today. We have won the “Best of Venice” award for our type of business the last four years and also the Best of Houzz for customer service for 2015.

April Duyn

(941) 488-2284

April Duyn is a native Floridian, and has lived in Venice since she was a toddler. She works full time in the office as the customer service representative. She is dedicated to having a 100% customer satisfaction rate and works tirelessly to ensure that every customer is a happy customer.

Levi Duyn

(941) 488-2284

In 2015, Levi Duyn joined the team after moving back home from South Carolina, where he attended the Citadel College. He and his wife Hope have one son, and are expecting their second child at the end of the year. He recently passed the exam to become a general contractor and is an incredible asset to the company.

Chrissy Duyn Roberts

(941) 488-2284

Chrissy Duyn Roberts is the second of Al and April’s children. She graduated from the University of South Florida. She and her husband, Richard, have five children. She has just recently joined the Kitchen and Bath team as the Marketing Director.

Nikki Duyn

(941) 488-2284

Nikki Duyn married Hank Duyn, the oldest of the Duyn children, in 2001. She is our in-house photographer, and her photos of our work are submitted for remodeling awards around the country.

Chris Gilson

(941) 488-2284

Chris Gilson is originally from New York. He was introduced to Kitchen and Bath on the Isle as an intern during his senior year of high school. After a short absence, during which he graduated from State College of Florida with a degree in Business, he returned as a full time staff member. He handles project scheduling and ordering.

Karen A.

(941) 488-2284

Karen is originally from the northeast. She moved to Florida in 2000, and joined Kitchen and Bath on the Isle in 2001. She handles all of the billing and reception area, and is crucial to keeping our office running smoothly.

Glynis Collen

(941) 488-2284

Glynis Collen is an architectural designer who is originally from South Africa. She has a degree in Architectural Technology. A recent addition to our team, she enjoys working with customers to design their dream projects.
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