Kitchen and Bath on the Isle Before and After Bathroom Remodel
Dust Free Master Bathroom Remodel
November 14, 2013
Bathroom Remodel
February 26, 2015
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Bathroom renovation by Kitchen and Bath on the Isle

Kitchen and Bath on the Isle Before and After
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This was our second project that we had done by Kitchen and Bath on the Isle. As with the first project, we are very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to use them again and recommend to others.

The use of computer generated images and a CAD type program was again a very useful tool in designing the bathroom. We made a change based on seeing the images and realizing that one of our choices needed a small change. We would not have realized the need to make this change until it was too late if we had not seen the final plans with this tool.

As with our previous project, all of the workmen exemplified the Kitchen and Bath on the Isle approach. All workers arrived on time and were polite. They did their best to keep the house as clean as possible while the project was underway. They took time each day to clean up before departing and work was done to a professional standard. We were encouraged to offer input and frequently asked to verify that the progress was as desired and if any adjustments were needed.

The office coordinated the materials and the scheduling of the workers. All of this went very smoothly. The office also used a new web based construction website to complement the process. We found this useful as the schedule for workers was posted on this site and updated each day as needed.

We are happy with the results of our second project with Kitchen and Bath on the Isle and highly recommend them.